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Post Speed Lead Brackets Set

Post Speed Lead Brackets Set
Price: $379.00 set
Item Number: EGUIDE1103
 Set Includes: Two Brackets, Two Lever Locks, Two 24”  Rods, Two 12” Rods, Two Black Knobs and Two Wire Rings. 

  The Post Speed Lead needs only one bracket after the first brick is laid. The bottom of the
  vertical pole is held against the brick by the tension of the line. The Post Speed Lead
  brackets are easily installed and removed and include a swivel allowing Speed Lead to
  swing away from brick work for easy striking and clean up. No adjustments or
  reattachments are necessary. Bricklaying can resume in seconds by reconnecting the line
  Applications: Quoin Corners, Inside Corners, Outside Corners, Fireplaces, Piers &
  Chimney Tops


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