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Grout Grunt™

Price: From $54.95 ea

Product Options


  - 6/pack (unit price  $54.95 ea) $329.70/6 pack
  -  2/pack (unit price $59.95 ea) $119.90/2 pack
  - Call on 12/pack pricing!

  - Higher Capacity
  - Faster Pours
  - Monolithic (easy to clean)
  - Rugged Durability
  - Lightweight

  - For a faster, easier and cleaner method of grouting, no more wall stains.
  - Product weighs under 3 lbs empty and approx. 50 lbs full.
  - Saves time (up to 50% faster), transfer up to 1 cubic feet of material with each scoop.
  - Designed for the user and ergonomically friendly.
  - Made from high-density HDPE plastic, the Grunt will withstand your toughest jobs.

  - Designed BY a mason FOR masons!

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Testimonial -
"Grout Grunts are amazing. I am a mason and use them for transferring mortar. They are easier,
faster, less wasteful, more efficient, and make less mess than the old way. Just want to say thank you. 
I will buy more in the future and will recommend them to all my fellow masons."
L. Pattie

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