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Bullnoser™ CMU Corner Router

Price: $189.95 ea
Item Number: EBLADE7042
  1 piece diamond router bit/profile wheel. 

 Wet or Dry type profiling wheel designed for use on 
      your 4" grinder with a 5/8”-11w threaded arbor.

Designed to produce perfect 1" Radius Bullnose on
     concrete block!

  Also for use on stone, granite and marble.
  Wheel Size: Diameter 95mm (3-7/8””)

  Diamond part: Diameter 75mm(3”)
                         RADIUS 25mm(1”) high

Additional Information:


  For customer service, please call 1-800-659-4731 or email [email protected]

  "It saves us a ton of time… and time is money. I would
   recommend this to every mason.”

  Dave Freeman, Project Mgr.
  Otto Baum Company, Inc.
  Morton, IL 

  "The 1" Bullnose Router is a great product! It saves a lot
  of time and the guys in the field really like it!"

  Wally, Shop Foreman
  Leidal & Hart Mason Contractors
  Livonia, MI

  "The bit works great! You have a good tool - we
   are very pleased!"

   Billy, Mason
   Consolidated Masonry Contractors, Inc.
   Binghampton, NY

  "This tool works great! It is a neat little tool and I
    have been looking for one for a long time."
    Howard Dobbins
    Bontrager Construction Inc.
    Bradenton, FL

  Call for information on other Bullnoser™ Router Sizes!


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